High Income & Significant Assets

Columbus High Income and Significant Asset Attorneys

High income and significant asset cases are complex. Such cases frequently involve difficult or unique factual and legal issues. Our firm has the knowledge and experience to provide high quality legal representation regarding these cases.

High Income Cases

Special laws are frequently applied in high income cases. For example, child support law contains several special provisions that only apply in high income cases.

Regarding child support issues, a high income case is a case in which the parties have a combined gross income of greater than $150,000.00 per year. In such cases, a different methodology, a different test, and different factors are used to determine an appropriate child support order.

Significant Asset Cases

Special laws are also frequently applied in significant asset cases. Significant asset cases frequently involve business interests, professional practices, and other complex assets.

Cases involving significant assets frequently require the application of special laws dealing with asset identification, asset valuation, and asset division.

Tax Issues

Tax issues are present in all cases. However, tax issues can be extremely important in high income and significant asset cases. Past, present and future tax liabilities are important issues in almost all high income and significant asset cases.

Hidden Income or Assets

In some cases a spouse will attempt to hide income or assets. Such actions are improper. If these actions are brought to a court's attention, the court will order the guilty party to compensate the innocent party.

Various legal tools exist to discover hidden income and assets. These tools include subpoenas, depositions, and requests for production of documents. Our firm frequently uses these tools to find hidden income and assets and to fully protect our clients.

Expert Assistance

Expert witnesses are frequently used in high income and significant asset cases. In such cases, a tax accountant, forensic accountant, vocational evaluator, business appraiser, or other expert can provide critical analysis and testimony.

Special laws apply regarding the use of expert witnesses. Our firm is familiar with these laws and frequently works with expert witnesses to protect our clients' legal rights and financial interests.

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