Frequently Asked Questions

What are the grounds for divorce in Ohio?

For a divorce to be granted, at least one of the parties must establish grounds for divorce. There are several different grounds for divorce. These grounds can be classified as "no fault" grounds or "fault based" grounds.

No Fault Grounds:

  • The parties agree that they are incompatible.
  • The parties have lived separate and apart from each other for one year or more.

Fault Based Grounds:
  • Adultery
  • Extreme cruelty
  • Fraudulent contract
  • Gross neglect of duty
  • Habitual drunkenness
  • Imprisonment of a spouse
  • One spouse already had another spouse living at the time of marriage(bigamy).
  • One spouse has been willfully absent for one year or more.

What are the benefits of hiring a lawyer when going through a divorce?

Getting divorced is a stressful process - make it easier by hiring an experienced divorce attorney. Your attorney will represent you during divorce negotiations and make sure your voice is heard. Benefits include: legal advice about complex family situations; avoid mistakes during the negotiation stage; avoid delays by submitting documents properly and on time.

When can I file for divorce?

To obtain a divorce in Ohio, the spouse seeking the divorce must have resided in Ohio for at least six months before the divorce is filed. Generally, a divorce is filed in the county where one of the spouses resides.

How much do divorces in Ohio normally cost?

If you have no children, and you and your spouse agree on all terms to end a marriage, the least expensive cost range for ending your marriage, including filing fees, usually falls between $1500 - $2000. Child-related issues will increase costs, given the additional paperwork related to custody and child support. However, most divorces involve negotiation, and sometimes litigation, and cost between $5000 - $7500. The higher the intensity of contested issues, coupled with larger amounts of assets and high asset values, can cause fees to escalate significantly beyond normal ranges.

Our attorneys work to present clients all viable options and assess likely outcomes, in order to fully evaluate costs and achieve the most effective representation possible.

Why should I choose DHP to handle my legal issues?

Our legal team strives to make the divorce process less stressful for our clients. Below are reasons you should make us your go-to family law firm in Columbus, OH:

  • We can draw on decades of combined legal experience.
  • We are Certified Specialists in Family Relations Law with the Ohio State Bar Association.
  • We have written and lectured in numerous legal education seminars.
  • We give personalized attention to every client.
  • We take the time to make sure our clients understand their legal options.
  • We offer Zoom meetings for all of our clients.

DHP is located in a safe and convenient suburban location with free on-site parking. We are located within minutes of Upper Arlington, Hilliard, Dublin, Worthington, and Northwest Columbus.

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