Don't Assume That You'll Get Custody of Your Children

Speak with a Child Custody Attorney in Columbus, OH

The number one mistake many parents make when getting a divorce? Assuming that they'll get custody of their children. When you hire a child custody attorney from Dougherty, Hanneman & Piccin, LLC, you'll have someone who will look out for you and your child during custody negotiations.

There are a number of different factors that go into child custody decisions, including...


Current living arrangements

The parents' relationships with the children

Your child custody attorney will work tirelessly to help you retain your parental rights. Call 614-932-5000 now to discuss your situation with an attorney at our family law firm in Columbus, OH.

You deserve to spend time with your children

Does your ex-spouse have custody of your children? Are they interfering with your visitation time? You shouldn't have to miss spending time with your children. Reach out to a visitation attorney for help. Your attorney will do everything possible to keep your ex-spouse from undermining your relationship with your children.