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If you've recently made the decision to separate from your spouse, you probably have a lot of questions on your mind: What's involved in the filing process? Are you entitled to spousal support? Divorce law and separation law are complex, but a qualified attorney can give you the answers you need. Dougherty, Hanneman & Piccin, LLC is a top divorce law firm in Columbus, OH. Your attorney will represent you during divorce negotiations and make sure your voice is heard.

Whether you've already decided to get a divorce or you're considering separation, our law firm can help. Call 614-932-5000 now to schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney focusing on family law in Columbus, OH.

Don't take a do-it-yourself approach to divorce

You need a divorce attorney to guide you through the divorce process. A divorce attorney will...

Give you legal advice about complex family situations

Help you avoid mistakes during the negotiation stage

Make sure you avoid delays by submitting documents properly and on time

Getting divorced is a stressful process- make it easier by hiring an experienced divorce attorney.